New Acropolis Museum

June 22, 2009

The construction had just begun when I was living in Athens, Greece in 2006, but this Saturday the New Acropolis Museum finally opened to the public. Designed by Bernard Tshumi the space offers a direct view of the Parthenon, as well as,  a strong argument in the on-going debate of the Elgin Marbles.




In the early 19th century, Lord Elgin, ordered the decorative frieze that adorned the Parthenon to be removed and later sold the famous marbles to the British Museum, where they are currently displayed. For the last two centuries, Greece has been working to regain the Elgin Marbles, although the British have long argued they have no proper place to store them. The New Acropolis Museum hopes to ruin that argument. Θέλω να παω…

New Acropolis Museum


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